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Discover expert cleaning services that redefine hygiene standards for homes and offices across Gold Coast and Brisbane. Our dedicated team ensures thoroughness and professionalism in every clean, transforming your spaces into immaculate havens.

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Your One-Stop Solution for Professional Cleaning Services

Elvove is a professional cleaning company that offers cleaning services for residential, commercial, and private properties. The complexities of home cleaning and office cleaning can be an uphill task for homeowners and business owners alike.

You don’t need to spend too much time and effort cleaning your home or office. Our cleaning services are designed to tackle the tough jobs – leaving you with a renewed sense of focus and peace of mind. 

We make your life easy with our all-around cleaning services. Contact us today to get a quote for your cleaning needs.

Home Cleaning

Experience a sparkling home from top to bottom with Elvove’s comprehensive home cleaning services in Gold Coast & Brisbane region of Queensland. Whether you reside in a house, apartment, or any other living space, we’ve got you covered. No matter the mess, be it from a weekend gathering or the days that have passed since your last cleaning, Elvove is your reliable cleaning partner, always ready to transform your space.

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Commercial Services

Your workplace significantly influences employee productivity and well-being. In an era of heightened health concerns, maintaining a safe and clean work environment is paramount to prevent occupational hazards.

At Elvove, we rigorously adhere to safety protocols and provide comprehensive training to our staff, ensuring they possess the expertise necessary for commercial cleaning. We’ve already assisted numerous companies in transforming their workspaces into conducive environments for success.

Contact us today to initiate a discussion about your unique business needs and specifications. Together, we’ll develop a tailored and effective cleaning plan for your commercial space.

Airbnb Cleaning

Being a vacation rental host means having a lot of responsibilities and adhering to the highest standards for customer satisfaction. We strive to help Airbnb hosts unlock the full potential of their homes while maintaining a high quality of service.

As a team of apartment cleaning professionals, we understand how important it is for guests to feel cosy and comfortable in your place after a long day away from home. We are one call away to turning your Airbnb into a comfortable home for your guests.

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Property Staging

Aside from the regular house cleaning services we provide, we also offer a professional staging service that will make your property shine like new. Our reliable cleaning team are well-trained in both house cleaning and home staging services. You only have to say the word and we’ll happily lend a hand in making your property sparkly clean!

What Makes Our Services Special

Elvove Cleaning Services stands out through a unique blend of professionalism, compassion, and expertise. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond cleaning; it’s about empowering our clients and making a positive impact in Gold Coast and Brisbane region. Discover the Elvove difference, where every clean is a step towards a better community and a brighter future.

Our reliable cleaners abide by the highest standards

We equip our cleaning professional team with skills that put quality, efficiency, and attention to detail above all things – to guarantee that your homes and offices are spotless and in tip-top shape.

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction

Our team sees to it that your happiness and satisfaction are guaranteed. We are dedicated to getting the job done from start to finish with no hitches or errors. If there is anything amiss with our cleaning services, do not hesitate to let us know. We’ll fix things for you for free!

We offer eco-friendly options

Our team sees to it that your happiness and satisfaction are guaranteed. We are dedicated to getting the job done from start to finish with no hitches or errors. If there is anything amiss with our cleaning services, do not hesitate to let us know. We’ll fix things for you for free!

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We only employ women who have experienced a broken domestic violence relationship, so they can return to the workforce, learn new skills, and rebuild their lives.

Customised Cleaning Services Tailored to Your Needs in Gold Coast & Brisbane

At Elvove, we understand that every space is unique, and so are your cleaning needs. Our goal is to provide you with tailored cleaning solutions that address your specific requirements.

Types Of Cleaning

We offer comprehensive services for homes, offices and commercial establishments. The type of cleaning services that you need can be determined by how often you want professionals to clean your property and how big the area is that you want us to cover.


  • Standard/regular cleaning

    • Often involves basic vacuuming, dusting, mopping and sweeping.

    • Done occasionally for maintenance, may it be weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

  • Deep cleaning

    • Aims to remove build-up in the nooks and crannies of your home, office, or private property.

    • Often involves scrubbing down walls, cleaning rugs and carpets, waxing wood floors, and cleaning baseboards.

    • Often done once or twice a year.

  • Partial cleaning

    • A cost-effective and quick fix for tidying up your home, especially when you are given short notice to accommodate or entertain guests.

    • Instant cleaning for common or shared areas in your office such as  hallways, lobbies, and conference or meeting rooms.

    • Done every now and then for a quick and affordable maintenance.

  • Full cleaning

    • Covers all areas of your home from the bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen.

    • Covers all workspaces in an office environment.

    • Done once every few months.

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Residential Cleaning For Rental Properties

Cleaning residential homes is one of our key services. Our team is highly trained and experienced in cleaning homes by using various techniques. We can provide you with a wide range of cleaning services for all types of properties, whether it be a small apartment or a large dwelling.

  • Bond cleaning
    • Ensures that every inch of your property is spotless.
    • As a tenant, this helps you prepare your rental home for an inspection to check the conditions of the home as stated in the lease agreement between you and your landlord.
  • End of lease cleaning
    • As a tenant or a landlord, this type of bond cleaning helps prepare your property for its next occupant.
    • Often involves deep cleaning for an extra shine.
    • Cleaning for house moving or relocation.

This can be provided as an end of lease clean or a pre-move-out clean.

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Home and Workplace Cleaning
  • General housekeeping
    • Common for basic tidying up duties at home or in the office.
  • Dusting
    • Dusting areas of your home and workspace.
  • Bathroom cleaning
    • Partial or deep cleaning for your home and office.
  • Kitchen cleaning
    • Clean all surfaces (excluding cooker top).
    • Clean worktops and cupboards.
    • Clean sink and draining board including taps, splashback tiles, etc.
    • Clean shelves and storage units inside cupboards.
    • Clean microwave.
    • Vacuum under kitchen units.
    • Sweep/mop floors.
    • Dusting of furniture throughout the kitchen area.
    • Change linens.
    • Empty bins.
    • Oven cleaning.
    • Often done for residential properties that need an in-depth kitchen clean.
  • Living room cleaning
    • Includes dusting, sweeping, and mopping.
    • Can vary from standard to deep cleaning for your couches, cushions and carpets.
    • Wardrobe cleaning.
    • Bedroom cleaning
    • Clean blinds at the home or office.
    • Ceiling and wall cleaning.
    • Often included in spring cleaning, full cleaning, and deep cleaning.
  • Event cleaning
    Cleanup before and/or after any small or large scale events indoors or outdoors such as but not limited to the following:
    • Parties or festivals.
    • Weddings and birthdays.
    • Trade show.
    • Presentations, conventions or summits.
  • Spring cleaning
    • Deep clean for your home and office (often done once a year).
    • Clean doors, walls, ceiling, and baseboards.
    • Vacuuming, mopping, and scrubbing floors and walls.
    • Dust blinds and light fixtures.
    • Clean stove and oven.
    • Remove cobwebs.
    • Children’s area.

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Frequency of our Cleaning Services

If you are looking for a cleaning company in the Gold Coast & Brisbane regions of Queensland, and New England region of New South Wales, look no further. We provide professional cleaning services at affordable rates and a flexible duration. Your satisfaction is our priority so we provide services that are completely customisable to fit your needs.

  • Hourly Cleaning
    Perfect for:
    • One-time cleaning.
    • Offices with a limited space.
    • Small homes.
    • Those who just need a little extra help with their cleaning.
    • Available for home and commercial cleaning, property staging, and cemetery cleaning.
  • Weekly Cleaning
    Perfect for:
    • Corporations or organisations with multiple and wide office spaces.
    • Homeowners with medium to large houses.
    • Bust families who need regular cleaning such as dusting, vacuuming, and other basic housework.
    • People looking for affordable rates for recurring cleaning services.
  • Monthly cleaning
    Perfect for:
    • Offices with small to medium-sized workspaces.
    • Homeowners with small houses.
    • Busy executives or professionals who have no time to do cleaning tasks.
    • Normally done for full cleaning or deep cleaning services.

If you’re looking for a more cost-effective solution, we offer a combination of both hourly and regular cleaning services, which means you pay less for having more than one cleaner come in at once.

Leave your homes and offices in the hands of professionals.

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