Home cleaning is an ongoing process. It is not a one-time task that you should tick off your housekeeping checklist. Dust, dirt, and allergens can build-up over time, which can pose a health risk to you and your family.

General cleaning vs deep cleaning

Here are the things you should know about the differences between the two types of cleaning, how often they should be done, and how you can incorporate them into your routine.

General cleaning

An all-purpose or general clean is a basic cleaning routine that involves sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, and mopping. You should consider having a general clean performed once a week or biweekly. Cleaning and tidying regularly can make a world of difference to your home and your family’s health.The importance of cleanliness is evident in the hygiene standards you should implement in areas of your home, such as your bathroom and kitchen. These places are just some of the dirtiest areas where harmful bacteria can grow on surfaces left dirty for too long. Keeping surfaces clean in these areas is an essential part of preventing odour and sickness.

Deep cleaning

If you are looking to clean your home thoroughly, a deep clean is the way to go. Deep cleaning, while similar in nature to general cleaning, provides a more thorough and complete rubdown of your home. It consists of a complete clean, including all the hard-to-reach areas that may sometimes go unnoticed or overlooked.

When you deep clean your home, you can improve your sanitation by disinfecting items that are not often cleaned during general cleaning. Some good examples are your fridge, oven and microwave. You can also clean carpets and fabrics to remove any stubborn and unwanted dirt and stains—and even allergens. With dust levels and cases of moulds and mildew significantly reduced, you can observe a healthier home with improved air quality.A deep clean should be scheduled every six months or annually, depending on the condition of your home and how quickly it can accumulate dirt, dust, and grime. The deep cleaning process can take longer—but it is worth it!

Getting ready for a home clean

Cleaning your house is a lot like driving through rush hour traffic. You start with one goal in mind, but then suddenly you veer off onto a whole different path. Just when you think you are making progress in one area, another problem arises that calls for immediate attention.

That is why it is important to know what you are going to do before you get started. To avoid this situation and have an efficient cleaning day, follow these steps:

1. See to it that all the things or tools you will need for your cleaning project are ready. Start by checking your closets and cupboards to see that everything is in place.

2. Create a housecleaning checklist and set the levels of your priorities in making your home safer. What should go first? Setting priorities is tricky, but the key is to identify what cleaning chores are considered the most urgent and the most important.

3. Once you have identified the chores with the highest level of priority, gather all the things you will need for each task. Next, arrange them carefully based on the order in which you will use them.4. Lastly, cleaning can be a chore, so why not make it fun? Put on a good tune, grab your cleaning tools, and get ready to scrub your floors. Cleaning is easier when you are jamming out to your favourite music.

Preparing your house for a clean

Cleaning your house is a daunting task, and you usually get lost on where to start. Before picking up a broom or a mop, you must do a few things to make the cleaning process easier.


You may overlook dust often because it is a small problem as compared to other areas of your house. However, no matter how small the dust is, it can cause a big problem in your home and even be harmful to your health.

Small particles of pollen and even shedding skin can remain stuck to your furniture. You can also inhale them, and if someone in your family has allergies, it can be a huge cause of concern.

A cleaning company usually covers dusting as a part of its services, but doing it on your own can help speed up the cleaning process. The removal of dust is usually the starting point when getting ready for a thorough cleaning.You may also consider replacing and washing your linens, bedding, and curtains regularly. Aside from keeping your place well-ventilated, there are other means to clean the air at home. Moreover, some air purifiers nowadays already use HEPA filters, so maintaining fresh air indoors is now a breeze.


Vacuuming is an essential part of keeping your home clean and free from allergens. To vacuum correctly, you should do two things: first, vacuum frequently, and second, allow the vacuum cleaner to move in different directions. Doing so ensures that dirt and allergens are collected with care.

If you have pets at home, it is recommended that you vacuum daily; this will keep dander levels down and ensure that all rooms in your house are free of pet hair.You should also avoid vacuuming each day if you have hardwood floors, as daily vacuuming can wear down the finish on your floorboards.


Toys, books, mail, loose change, and other things, such as used clothes and plates, can be thrown away or put in storage. Having less disarray in your home will make it easier for you to focus on the pain points in your home that require general or deep cleaning.Also, if you do some decluttering here and there everyday, you will soon realise how convenient it is. You will reach your goal faster and with less trouble as compared to doing all the work at once with a huge burst of energy.

Professional help is one call away

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